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Welcome to PCS Digital Inc. We are glad that you have choosen to vist our website. Please enjoy your visit while learning about the services and products that PCS Digital Inc. has to offer.

One of our corporate objectives is to provide our customers with economically viable technological solutions to real life problems.

Utilizing technology to solve problems is where we excel. We accomplish this through academic training; on going development; and the experience of our employees and associates. We can create a technical team with exceptional depth of knowledge to solve your technology problem or help you create a new product. How can we help you? Contact us today.

SCAM Alert: It has come to our attention that someone is sending out TEXT messages using our company name. We do not use TEXTING to communicate with customers or potential customers. If you receive a text message please call us with the phone number so we can notify the authorities.

PCS Digital Inc. has been in business for many years and as a result has an inventory of hard to find TTL integrated circuits. These ICs were purchased new by PCS and are in the original manufactures IC rails. Most are B+ parts

"Designing solutions that solve real problems."