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PCS Digital's mission is to provide our customers with solutions to real world problems. We accomplish this through new product development; digital systems engineering; and consulting services. Academic training plus experience gained during the development of Computer system interfaces, our own products (DDC and ODC) and several products with embedded microprocessors is available to your organization. We can provide personnel with expertise in Logic Design, and System engineering to assist in solving your technical design problems.

Legacy Computer System Deinstallation and Removal Service: With many years of computer system experience we feel confident in offering this service. We have worked with Legacy computer manufacturers such as DEC, Honeywell, Moore Systems and Singer-Link.

PCS manufactured products for Digital Equipment Corporation, (DEC) computers. The Direct Data Channel (DDC) and the Optical Data Channel (ODC) product lines required that we maintain an inventory of TTL integrated circuits. These parts are new B+ parts and are date coded mid 80's. All are plastic DIPs.

Part NumberDescriptionUnit qtyPrice-USD
SN74LS00Quad 2-input NAND25 per rail$6.25/rail
SN74LS02Quad 2-input NOR25 per rail$6.25/rail
SN74LS04Hex Inverter25 per rail$6.25/rail
SN74LS05Hex Inverter O.C.25 per rail$6.25/rail
SN74LS08Quad 2-input AND25 per rail$6.25/rail
SN74LS10Triple 3-input NAND25 per rail$12.50/rail
SN74LS14Hex Schmitt Trigger Inverter25 per rail$6.25/rail
SN74LS20Dual 4-input NAND25 per rail$6.25/rail
SN74LS27Triple 3-input NOR25 per rail$12.50/rail
SN74LS74ADual D FF25 per rail$6.25/rail
SN74LS754-bit D Latch25 per rail$12.25/rail
SN74LS854-bit Comp25 per rail$12.25/rail
SN74LS123Dual monostable M.V.25 per rail$12.25/rail
SN74LS1488-3 line priority encoder25 per rail$12.25/rail
SN74LS157Quad 2-1 Multiplexer25 per rail$12.25/rail
SN74LS1704-bit Register File O.C.25 per rail$12.25/rail
SN74LS175Quad D FF25 per rail$12.25/rail
SN74LS1934 bit Up/Dn counter25 per rail$12.25/rail
SN74LS257Quad 2-1 Mux25 per rail$12.25/rail
SN74LS2834-bit binary Full Adder25 per rail$12.25/rail
SN74LS298Quad 2-input D register25 per rail$12.25/rail
AMD 2905PCxxxxxxx15 per railTBD/rail

Purchasing these parts: Interested buyers may submit a purchase order for any of these parts by email.

Please include qantity desired, contact and Shipping information.

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